Marquee InteriorYour wedding day should be perfect. Imagine having your idealised outdoor wedding. A nice breeze is blowing. The birds sing. The sun is shining. People arrive with smiling faces. Everything is going according to plan. No one is drenched from the rain. The wind isn’t blowing your decorations away. Here are a few outside wedding decor tips to help you have a great wedding day.

Always plan for rain. Even if you are sure that bad weather is out of the forecast, planning ahead can keep you and your guests from getting drenched. Providing an alternate shelter such as a wedding marquee can save you from Mother Natures temperamental wrath. Murray Marquees have marquees and wedding canopies for rental. Murray Marquees will come before the wedding and set it up. After the wedding Murray Marquees will pack it up for you.

Wind is the biggest nuisance for outdoor weddings. You can protect your wedding from direct wind gusts, by taking a few precautions. Outdoor weddings can be set up near a line of trees for protection. Doing so will keep the wind from destroying your wedding decor and tossing it about.

Outdoor weddings are often chosen by people that enjoy nature and want it to be a part of their important day. Whether its your own yard, a beautiful beach, or a famous garden keep your decorations simple. Use materials that are found in a natural setting. Lots of flowers. If your wedding is in the evening use candle centerpieces to add a simple yet natural feeling to your wedding.

Outside wedding decorations should be natural looking. To add extra eye appeal add a decorated garden arch. These arches can be rented from wedding supply rental stores or bought from most wedding or garden stores. Decorate the arch in your wedding colours using fabric, flowers, or tulle. You can also add lights to the arch if your wedding is in the evening hours.

Having chair covers is a great way to add some style and beauty to your big day. Chair covers help the overall blend of your wedding theme. They keep the not so glamorous look of folding chairs from messing up the overall eye appeal of your big day. They can be custom made or hired. Simple or elaborate.

A wedding that takes place in the evening will need lots of light. For garden weddings use lanterns or staked candles for theme related light. Garden weddings look best when lit up with Christmas type lights. Wrap these lights around tree trunks or hang from trees closest to wedding location. Paper lantern lights are a very popular choice for outside wedding decorations.

An eco-friendly wedding is a big concern for many couples these days. Using solar powered lighting is a great way to showcase your love for all things eco-friendly. Another way to help the environment is by putting together edible centerpieces for your guests to munch on during the reception. No waste and beautiful.

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